Best Vivah Muhurat for Weddings in 2020-21

Best Vivah Muhurat for Weddings in 2020-21

Vivah muhurat is an integral part of every Hindu wedding. Marriages in India are based on vedic traditions where shaadi muhurat have been translated into laws over the ages. 

Weddings are one of the most auspicious and significant events in a person’s life. After all, it defines the start of building a family with your partner. In India, as well as in most Hindu cultures across the world, polygamy or polyandry is still prohibited and the consent and happiness of both the familities are taken its consideration. In fact, it happens to be a very big deal while solemnizing the two souls.

Speaking of vivah lagan muhurat, it is the prediction of the most auspicious time date of the marriage for maximum compatibility. Getting married on the shubh muhurat signifies commitment and a happy life.

Shubh Muhurat for Marriage

Mangalam Bhagwan Vishnu,
Mangalam Garuda Dhwaja,
Mangalam Pundari Kaksho,
Mangalaya Thanno Hari.

Muhurta Chintamani and other religious scriptures like Dharmasindhu narrates that marriage should happen while Shukra Tara and Guru Tara are Asta / set. To understand more about Asta and Uday, you can visit Shukra Asta and Guru Asta. Which is why Panchang Shuddhi for auspicious dates of marriage is conducted after eliminating days when Shukra and Guru Tara are set or burned. Also, all days that fall under leaped Lunar month are taken off the chart during Panchanga Shuddhi.

Shubh Lagan Muhurat for Marriage in 2020

Shubh Lagan Muhurat for Marriage

Shubh Vivah Muhurat August 2020 Calendar

There is no shubh day available for marriage in August 2020.

Marriage Dates in September 2020

There is no shubh day available for marriage in September 2020.

Marriage Muhurat in October 2020

There is no shubh day available for marriage in September 2020.

Wedding Dates in November 2020

November is the time of the year when you can celebrate your mehendi or sangeet in a weather that isn’t too hot or too cool either.

Date Muhurat Nakshatra Tithi
25 06:54 AM to 03:54 PM Uttara Bhadrapada Ekadashi
30 06:58 AM to 06:59 AM, Dec 01 Rohini Purnima, Pratipada

December 2020 Marriage Dates 

The best season to cuddle with your partner, post the wedding and plan your Christmas and New Year parties.

Date Muhurat Nakshatra Tithi
01 06:59 AM to 07:00 AM, Dec 02 Rohini, Mrigashirsha Pratipada, Dwitiya
07 07:20 AM to 02:33 PM Magha Saptami
08 01:48 PM to 07:05 AM, Dec 09 Uttara Phalguni Ashtami, Navami
09 07:05 AM to 02:07 AM, Dec 10 Uttara Phalguni, Hasta Navami, Dashami
11 08:48 AM to 03:52 PM Swati Ekadashi, Dwadashi

Shubh Vivah Muhurat 2021 Calendar

Shubh Vivah Muhurat Calendar

Marriage Muhurat by Kundali Matching in January 2021

The month with the best weather, cool temperatures and clear skies. It is perfect for an outdoor wedding, when the light is beautiful, particularly in the mornings.

Date Muhurat Nakshatra Tithi
18 06:27 PM to 07:17 AM, Jan 19 Uttara Bhadrapada Shashthi

Marriage Muhurat in February 2021

The month of Valentine’s day has the perfect date for a wedding. What’s more romantic than getting hitched on the month of love? 

Date Muhurat Nakshatra Tithi
15 07:03 AM to 02:43 PM Uttara Bhadrapada Chaturthi

Marriage Muhurtham in March 2021

There is no shubh day available for marriage in March 2021.

Marriage Muhurat 2021 as per Kundli in April

It is time to bring out the pretty pastels and light fabrics. How about a beautiful ceremony with floral lehengas in sorbet colours?

Date Muhurat Nakshatra Tithi
22 05:02 PM to 05:55 AM, Apr 23 Magha Dashami, Ekadashi
24 06:22 AM to 11:43 AM Uttara Phalguni Dwadashi
25 08:15 AM to 01:55 AM, Apr 26 Hasta Trayodashi, Chaturdashi
26 11:06 PM to 05:52 AM, Apr 27 Swati Purnima
27 05:52 AM to 08:03 PM Swati Purnima, Pratipada
28 05:13 PM to 05:50 AM, Apr 29 Anuradha Dwitiya, Tritiya
29 05:50 AM to 11:49 AM Anuradha Tritiya
30 05:40 PM to 05:49 AM, May 01 Mula Chaturthi, Panchami

May Lagan Date 2021 

This month has the highest number of wedding muhurats. Do not wait to get booked out coz’ they sure will, pretty soon.

Date Muhurat Nakshatra Tithi
01 05:49 AM to 10:16 AM Mula Panchami
02 08:59 AM to 02:50 PM Uttara Ashadha Shashthi
07 07:31 PM to 05:43 AM, May 08 Uttara Bhadrapada Dwadashi
08 05:43 AM to 05:43 AM, May 09 Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati Dwadashi, Trayodashi
09 05:43 AM to 10:49 AM Revati Trayodashi
13 12:51 AM to 05:40 AM, May 14 Rohini Dwitiya
14 05:40 AM to 05:39 AM, May 15 Mrigashirsha Tritiya
21 03:23 PM to 05:36 AM, May 22 Uttara Phalguni Dashami
22 05:36 AM to 08:03 PM Uttara Phalguni, Hasta Dashami, Ekadashi
23 06:42 AM to 12:12 PM Hasta Dwadashi
24 11:14 AM to 05:35 AM, May 25 Swati Trayodashi,
26 06:36 AM to 01:16 AM, May 27 Anuradha Purnima, Pratipada
28 05:34 AM to 08:01 PM Mula Dwitiya, Tritiya
29 06:04 PM to 05:33 AM, May 30 Uttara Ashadha Chaturthi, Panchami
30 05:33 AM to 04:42 PM Uttara Ashadha Panchami

Wedding Muhurat in June 2021

June is the last month before the big break when the weather cools down a little with instances of light showers. Also, it is the perfect time to get hitched, if you are tight on budget. 😉

Date Muhurat Nakshatra Tithi
03 06:35 PM to 05:33 AM, Jun 04 Uttara Bhadrapada Navami, Dashami
04 05:33 AM to 03:10 PM Uttara Bhadrapada Dashami
05 05:33 AM to 04:48 PM Revati Ekadashi
16 05:33 AM to 10:15 PM Magha Shashthi
19 05:33 AM to 08:29 PM Hasta Navami, Dashami
20 09:00 PM to 05:34 AM, Jun 21 Swati Ekadashi
22 02:23 PM to 05:34 AM, Jun 23 Anuradha Trayodashi
23 05:34 AM to 11:48 AM Anuradha Trayodashi, Chaturdashi
24 02:33 PM to 05:35 AM, Jun 25 Mula Purnima, Pratipada

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Lagan Date Marriage in July 2021

As it’s practically summer time, it is the perfect season to get the ball rolling with a destination wedding.

Date Muhurat Nakshatra Tithi
01 05:37 AM to 05:37 AM, Jul 02 Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati Saptami, Ashtami
02 05:37 AM to 10:54 AM Revati Ashtami
07 03:36 PM to 03:20 AM, Jul 08 Rohini, Mrigashirsha Trayodashi
13 09:21 AM to 02:49 PM Magha Chaturthi
15 05:43 AM to 11:44 AM Uttara Phalguni Panchami, Shashthi

Panchangam Marriage Days in August 2021 

There is no shubh day available for marriage in August 2021.

Marriage Date in September 2021 

There is no shubh day available for marriage in September 2021.

Wedding Muhurat in October 2021

There is no shubh day available for marriage in October 2021.

November Lagan 2021 

It is the time of the year when the weather starts to cool down. Also, after a break of three months, things might get blown a little out of proportion. Plan beforehand.

Date Muhurat Nakshatra Tithi
15 06:47 AM to 06:47 AM, Nov 16 Uttara Bhadrapada, Revati Dwadashi
16 06:47 AM to 01:43 PM Revati Dwadashi, Trayodashi
20 06:50 AM to 06:51 AM, Nov 21 Rohini Pratipada, Dwitiya
21 06:51 AM to 06:52 AM, Nov 22 Mrigashirsha Dwitiya, Tritiya
28 10:06 PM to 06:57 AM, Nov 29 Uttara Phalguni Navami, Dashami
29 06:57 AM to 04:57 PM Uttara Phalguni Dashami
30 06:58 AM to 08:34 PM Hasta Ekadashi

Hindu Marriage Dates in December 2021 

December is the time to be jolly. The perfect time to be honeymooning is near Christmas and New Year’s.

Date Muhurat Nakshatra Tithi
01 06:47 PM to 06:59 AM, Dec 02 Swati Dwadashi, Trayodashi
02 06:59 AM to 04:28 PM Swati Trayodashi
06 02:19 AM to 07:03 AM, Dec 07 Uttara Ashadha Chaturthi
07 07:03 AM to 01:02 PM Uttara Ashadha Chaturthi
11 10:32 PM to 06:04 AM, Dec 12 Uttara Bhadrapada Navami
13 07:05 AM to 07:34 PM Revati Dashami

According to Hinduism, there are certains months in a year that are considered inauspicious to get married. You won’t find any shubh muhurat for marriage and are termed as Abujh Muhurat or Abujh Sawa. has listed all the Vivah Muhurat in 2020 and Marriage Date Calculator in 2021


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