What Are The Different Types Of Astrology Followed In India?

Types of Astrology in India

What is Astrology

Astrology is regarded as a science which studies the impact and influence of the various cosmic objects, stars and planets on human and their lives. Its foundation is laid on the astral arrangements and the position of moon, planet, stars and sign at the time of the birth of an individual which foretells the economic fortune, predict career graph, shapes their personality and affects one’s relationships with others.

Types of Astrology in India

When there is any discussion related to astrology, the primary aspect which is referred is the 12 zodiac signs. Even the daily horoscopes are based upon the position of the various planetary bodies and the sun. In India people follow astrology readings as well as have immense faith in this science. In fact, there are several a large country such as India. Here are the following:

1. Indian Astrology

The Indian Astrology is widely popular as the Moon Astrology. It is completely based upon the movements and the constellations of the moon. In total, there are 12 zodiac signs which possess a vital place in the Indian Astrology. With the help of the Indian astrology, astrologers can predict future and can help you take precautions before the occurrence of any difficult circumstance. The Indian astrology also provides remedies to resolve the issues.

2. Nadi Astrology

This astrology is followed by a large number of Indians. The Nadi astrology has its origination from South India. Nadi astrology experts or the Nadi readers have expertise in reading the ancient palm leaves. The Nadi Granth is compiled of the calculated horoscopes with future predictions. Each of the Nadi has its specific style and the Nadi Astrology supports in rectifying the mistakes of past lives by the means of certain remedies written on the Nadi leaves. It helps the individuals in putting oneself back on a fortunate and favorable path.

3. Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology is popular as Jyotish Vidhya. It is well recognized for its accurate predictions. The roots of Vedic Astrology flourished in India and now has attained huge popularity across the world. Earlier Vedic Astrology was regarded as ‘Jyotish Shastra’ that refers to the science of the light. It is a sacred science which has been developed by the great Indian saints.

It possess a history of almost 5000 years and has been used from generations to generations in India by offering solutions to the problems, taking on out of bad luck and distress. Vedic Astrology laid down emphasis upon the birth time and birth date of an individual for calculating the significant events of one’s life.

The Vedic Astrology is classified in three major branches:

  • Hora Skanda: It is the predictive Vedic Astrology which interprets the horoscopes

  • Samhita Skanda: It is the mundane Vedic Astrology which comprises of predictions related to the countries such as electional astrology, financial positions, astrometeorology, political events, economic cycles, earthquakes and wars. It also includes the Vaastu Shastra which is related to house and construction matters.

  • Siddhanta or Ganita Skanda: It is the astronomy Vedic Astrology which is related to astronomy and its relation with astrology.

4. Western Astrology

The Western astrology is developed on the basis of the position and placement of the Sun during the birth of an individual. In some parts of India, people also use Western Astrology for future predictions. The astrologers use the Tropical Zodiac while making predictions based upon the western astrology. There are basically twelve specific signs which represent the twelve periods of a calendar year. Some of the individuals believe that the predictions made through the Western astrology are not so accurate as it only considers the birth date and not the birth time while making calculations.

It deals with horoscope where the entire sky is divided in twenty seven constellations and on the basis of which astrological calculations are performed. Based upon the seasons, Western astrology uses the zodiac. The traditional methods are not much emphasized or given significance in the preparation of the birth chart through Western astrology.

There are various astrological websites in India such as mPanchang which provide you access to all the aspects of Vedic, Indian and Western Astrology. Which type of Astrology do you believe in? Just take a pick and discover about your future.


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